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Find your why, discover your how!

When you combine WHY + HOW, you get WOW, the wow factor to be exact. Everyone has a wow factor; the ones who have not discovered their wow factor have yet to ask the two most powerful questions, why and how. Most people know “what”, they know “when”, and they know “where”, but they are rarely told “why”. Find your why Discover your how is a story shared by keynote speaker Lasada Pippen on finding purpose and discover the methods to achieve the most out of what you do. What can you expect with Find your WHY, Discover your HOW?

  • How to unearth your wow factor

  • The importance of finding purpose early

  • Re-defining motivation

  • How to achieve more with WHY

  • The WHY formula


Target . Action . Goals

If you want to drive without violations, you need a license. If you want to enter a door, you need a key. But what if you want more success? You need ATAG (a tag). Sometimes the toughest question to answer is after conquering a milestone. We find ourselves asking the question, “Now what?” Honestly, we all want more. We all want to go to the next level. We all want to win and have success. Lasada has created a simple yet powerful tag to help you win and propel towards your next goal. What can you expect in TAG?

  • Discover the TAG formula for success

  • Four steps that help you achieve more success

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Values . Identity . Purpose

Culture equals values + behavior. You must have a clear set of values first. Values are verbs, not nouns. If values + behavior equals culture, that means it’s things that we want people to do to improve, impact, and inspire the culture where we are. Values are simply who you are when you are at your natural best. V.I.P. is an acrostic message where Lasada shares what makes a dynamic culture, individually and collectively. What will you learn in V.I.P.?

  •  Why values are verbs instead of nouns