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Lasada “LP” Pippen defied the odds.

Despite a challenging childhood marked by financial struggles, he transformed from an underserved individual to a STEM graduate and engineering expert. LP, the first in his family to graduate college, forged a prosperous career as a Computer Engineer & Cloud Architect.

But success didn’t satisfy LP’s ultimate passion. He shifted gears from thriving in the tech industry to pursuing his true calling – empowering others to unlock their potential and stay inspired for greatness.

Today, LP delivers his compelling message and tools, sparking change among students, educators, and leaders worldwide.

LP speaks to 8,000 attendees at Ohio event.

Determined to make a name for himself despite the obstacles before him, LP continued to take steps necessary to propel forward, ultimately furthering his education with the support of his parents and proudly becoming a bilingual 1st generation college graduate. He would then become a Senior Level Tech and Engineering Expert, excelling in the industry until he decided to make a career shift and take advantage of the opportunity to become a keynote speaker. The decision to switch careers came after LP began recognizing his genuine passion for public speaking. Standing in front of a crowd came naturally to him as someone with a real gift for sharing relatable stories that can keep listeners engaged and on the edge of their seats the entire time

Known for his dynamic personality and refusal to let past mistakes hold him back, LP looks forward to sharing his firsthand experiences with those around him. As a dedicated motivational keynote speaker with Top Youth Speakers, he spends most of his time inspiring the next generation and the professionals who lead them, such as educators and school staff. He has already discussed one of his favorite topics, Finding Your Why to Discover Your How, with thousands of people, encouraging his audiences to find their purpose and go for what they want in life, even if it feels too far out of reach at that moment.

Using his talent to help others, LP finds satisfaction in empowering the next generation, inspiring them, and providing the motivation needed to get them to use their gifts to the best of their ability to live with purpose. Best known for his signature line, "When you know why, it makes what you do more powerful, and how you do it becomes easier," he hopes to help people of all ages discover their purpose, encouraging them to set the bar higher and go for what feels impossible to prove that anything is possible with the right mindset.

When he's not attending events and building deep connections with his audience to uplift them, LP enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful wife, Eliana, and his two incredible children. Much like he does with his audience, he encourages his children to explore different opportunities to identify their skills and talents and find the things in life that leave them feeling complete.

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