It’s just the principle of the matter. I learned early in life that principles were far more powerful than policies. Policies can change at any moment, but principles are the conducts that you hold true to. Principles are your standards and whatever principles are established in your life, that’s the foundation of your actions. These six pragmatic, yet essential principles will improve your relationships and quality of life on every level.

  • Trust principle: Trust is the most essential building block for any relationship; trust is all about u.
  • Problem principle: The problem is not the problem itself; the way you respond to the problem is more important. Your attitude towards the problem determines the outcome.
  • Perspective principle: The way you see a person is more important than who they really are.
  • Preference principle: Everyone has preferences; however, preferences are just that, preferences, not stones. Exercising choice is power.
  • Moment principle: Now has more significance than my past.
  • Contentment principle: Contentment is the key to faithfulness

It's Just Not Common Sense